The Rubber Meets the Road

Get traction with a blended recruitment program

With nearly 5,000 institutions of higher education in the U.S. alone, the competition to attract bright, highly motivated students has never been more intense. Today’s colleges and universities are at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge information delivery platforms on the quest to find the perfect blend of print, digital, and social media.

So where does the student meet the institution? Is it word of mouth, online or direct mail?

Even as of 8 years ago, already a full 95% of college admissions offices used at least one form of social media. —Falkow, The Proactive Report, “Social Media Adoption Higher Education Beat Business,” June 2010

And consider this statistic from just two years later: 71% of surveyed students reported that print publications and letters were an effective way to learn about a school’s academic offerings.
—Ruffalo, Noel, Levitz, “2012 E-Expectations Report”

And then there’s this: 66.66% of surveyed colleges issue printed viewbooks. —Primary Research Group, The Survey of College Marketing Programs, 2013

Most now agree that the idea that millennials prefer to get all of their information online is off-target. In fact, according to a 2015 multi-country study, an overwhelming 92% of college students surveyed said they prefer reading in print over any form of electronic media. While online reading is considered great for interpersonal communications, respondents explain that a physical printed piece has less distractions than viewing materials online. Plus, consider the parents. How much easier is it for their generation to peruse a paper viewbook, catalog or other direct mail piece?

And what about the myth that says Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media are great for students, but a waste of time for marketing higher ed? In truth, maintaining a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media is a way to let followers learn more about the school in a casual, spontaneous, and serendipitous way. Postings can show snippets of campus activities, laud students and professors who have won awards, cheer for the school’s sport teams, or announce entry and sign-up deadlines. What causes students to “unfriend” you is turning your social media presence into pure marketing hype. Best to draw followers into your school community by sharing news of college life.

Where does the rubber meet the road? Right in the middle. Let us help you get traction with a blended recruitment program that features your “sweet spot” and meets your prospective students right when and where they can be influenced the most to look your way.

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