Enrollment officers face significant challenges: competition from online universities, a growing population of non-traditional students, changing habits and new technology used by traditional students to find and research their top choices.

And this just scratches the surface.

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Enroll-U supports colleges and universities to increase enrollment.

Our experience runs deep when it comes to understanding college enrollment decisions and changing student needs.
The outcome of your customized outreach strategy? Higher enrollment. Guaranteed.
Smart branding helps you stand out from your competitors, adds value to your offering and engages your students and potential students.
New challenges and new ideas require ​thoughtful strategy.

How healthy is your enrollment?

What we can do for U.

Market research
Brand studies and campaigns
Digital advertising
Active outreach
Web and print communications

Content development and SEO
Social media
One-on-one and group experiences
Communication at key touch points
based on user experience data

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We bring our best thinking and research to every project. Our small, dedicated team thrives on testing new ideas, experimenting, and sharing what we learn.

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